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About Us

Who We Are

Chill started from an experiment. A bunch of like-minded people who swapped mixes and compilations, to help each other chill, wondered what could happen if we did this on a radio station. Could we keep finding music that amazes, amuses, relaxes and inspires us? Would other people get it, even if we didn’t sound like a normal radio station?

We tried it. People like you found it and joined in. Now more than ever, we need to chill in a stressful world, so we’re happy to be growing, sharing ideas and playlists, chatting online and keeping pure, beautiful music on air to help you chill.

Chill is part of Global Radio. We have a team of producers who make mixes and do a lot of listening, to music we find and to your suggestions. On air and on this site, you’ll find many tunes found or even made by our audience. So meet the team, and whenever you get the chance, get involved and chill with us.

How to listen

Chill is on DAB digital radio in London and the East Midlands. You can also listen on this site, or using the free Radio Player app in the UK. We’re also listed on most internet radio directories – just search for “chill.” (including a full stop.)


Meet the team


Bern Leckie

Founder & producer

Bern started Chill in 2005, still picks the main playlist and presents the SimpleCity acoustic show on Monday nights.

Ben Eshmade

Ben Eshmade


Ben's chilled and artistic events are legendary in London, and he creates Arctic Circle, The Hut and Chiller Cabinet for Chill.


Ben Mynott


In Fragile State, Ben made chilled classics, and with Fluidnation mixes and shows, he brings us further on his journey with beautiful music.


Bruce Bickerton


Bruce creates music under the pseudonym alucidnation, and his Eclectronica show on Chill aims to introduce you to an eclectic mix of music from his music library.


Chris Coco

DJ, musician and journalist

Chris has worked as a DJ since the 1980s. His Melodica show can be heard on radio around the world. The Guardian called it "the hazy, lazy sound of summer."

Raphaël Marionneau

Raphaël Marionneau


Raphaël is one of Europe's creative leaders in chilled soundtracks and live experiences. His Abstrait mixes feature on Chill every week.

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