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Chiller Cabinet

Thursday 10pm to midnight / Sunday midnight to 2am

A two hour mix of ambience, movies, & minimalism.

In a dark, dark wood lived a dark, dark house and in this dark, dark house lived a small object. If you listened closely to the object you could hear something. Tiny particles vibrated within this object. A hand reached out for the object. It gradually draws closer. Music slowly creeps round the corners of the room. Stars focus across the night sky. The sound grows, feeding the stars. Music shines down on the room. This object is the Chiller Cabinet. A soundtrack to a fairytale? Maybe, maybe not, but within each weeks mix is some of the most beautiful forward thinking music to emerge over the last few decades. Over two hours of smells, textures and sounds from artists with an ear for detail.

Jingles by Sone Institute / Ken Peel
Produced by Ben Eshmade

Ben Eshmade

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