After two critically acclaimed album releases on Big Chill Recordings, alucidnation release their third LP ‘Aural Architecture’, on Interchill.

The new release encapsulates what Bruce Bickerton does best – which is to combine a melancholic yet positive spirit; music in a minor key that is reflective and has the ability to make the listener feel better.

Many of the tracks are piano driven; the tonal clarity and sustain focussing the listener on melody and composition. As is usual, Bruce includes a couple of compositions featuring his own vocals, which personalizes the listening experience. Always warm and lush, there is a consistent and cohesive sound throughout the album that is kind on the ears.

The alucidnation sound is primarily analogue, utilising mostly live takes favouring a collection of old Roland synths. Bruce tends to shy away from computer plugins and fancy gimmickry – his production values favour soulful, melodic electronica.

When we first heard the album we just fell in love with it. Aural Architecture’s roots are in the heyday of chilled electronica, this release fast forwards that vibe to the present day and points the way ahead.

Not content with just making the music, the limited edition digipak CD also features Bruce’s artwork and photography. Being a self confessed control freak he also designed the whole package too.


Aural Architecture

Release Date : 24th September 2013
Artist : alucidnation