At last, The Best Of Fragile brings together all the must have moments. The finest hits, masterful music & the monumental mixes, lovingly compiled by Ben Mynott of Fragile State & beautifully re-mastered in crystal clear digital format. Phenomenally respected & so deeply admired Worldwide, with Top named DJ mixers clamouring to get the chance to remix the cool & gentle yet soaring & sophisticated sound of Fragile State, The Best Of Fragile State encapsulates the unique lush jazziness of their own brand of chilled chic with a seductively cheeky downbeat dance driven edge that can only be Fragile State. Fragile State still remain one of the World s top rated artists, despite no longer being together – making The Best Of Fragile State both a sublimely gorgeous listening experience and a high valued collectors set. With vinyl buyers willing to pay £800 for a copy of the now deleted ‘Remixes/Classics’, this is a must for all Fragile State followers, aswell as all genuine music lovers who know a truly classic album.


Best Of Fragile State

Release Date : 10th September 2012
Artist : Fragile State