Chill’s Ben Mynott compiles a rich selection¬†of lounge beats.

Track list:

Lux – Last Tango
Coyote – Eve (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
Cantoma – The Call (Banzai Republic Remix)
Hess Is More – Yes Boss (Balearic Bongo Mix)
Razzy Bailey – I Still Hate Hate (Santiaga)
Bliss – Trust in Your Love Feat Ane Brun (Charles Webster Slow Mix)
Peter Visti – Besos (Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
Vision Factory – Sunshine (Justin Le Mar Remix)
Kid Stone – Dust
Cantoma – Under the Stars
The Kenneth Bager Experience – Fragment Two: The First Picture (Jesse Rose Remix)
Bob Marley – Soul Rebel (Pistol Remix)
Bliss – Song for Olabi
Velford – The Aspens Turning Gold
Fragile State – Panacea (Jimpster Mix)
Cantoma – Pandajero (Visti & Meyland Remix)
James Bright – Be
Frontera – Everything Changes
Reunited – My Man (Remix)
Martin Brodin – On the Island
Cantoma – Marisi
Kenneth Bager – Fragment Eight: The Sound of Swing
Jean von Baden & Mastic – Man of Trouble
Jazzbox – Later Than I Thought
Grassskirt – Come
Nikolaj Grandjean – A Shadow
Ganga – Hi Fi Love
Therese – Shed My Skin (Out of Sight Chill Mix)
James Bright – Lighthouse
Kenneth Bager – Fragment One: And I Kept Hearing (Jazzbox Remix)
Grassskirt – J’y suis jamais alle
Dalminjo – Departure Lounge
Bliss – Calling
Alonso Gonzalez – From Urban to House
The Kenneth Bager Experience – Would You Like to Seduce Me
N*Grandjean – Shift to Reverse
Fragile State – Every Day a Story (4hero Remix)
Grassskirt – Pleasant Dream, Pt. 2 (Grassmix)
Al-pha-X – Fibonacci
Fragile State – Hoop Dreams (Ralph Myerz Magic Retake)
Bliss – Reveal
Chet Selwood – Lounge Classics Cocktail Bar Mx (Continuous Mix)

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Lounge Classics

Release Date : 23rd June 2014
Artists : Compiled by Ben Mynott, Various artists