Daylight Music 220

Benni Hemm Hemm , The Second Hand Marching Band + Jilk

19 Mar 2016 London


Time : Midday to 2pm
Venue : Union Chapel, Islington
Address : Compton Terrace
Zip : N1 2UN
Contact Website :

A lazy afternoon with music, tea and cake. An event for all ages. Produced by Arctic Circle. Free entry* midday – till 2.00pm (*suggested donation £5.00) |

This is the first of many epic celebrations for Arctic Circle’s 10th Anniversary; Benni Hemm Hemm are even coming all the way from Iceland to join the party! An afternoon of collaboration and joy, as they perform pieces from their recent album made with Glasgow’s The Second Hand Marching Band.

Sprawling anywhere between 15 and 22 people, The Second Hand Marching Band aim to create something that can’t be created by four of five people – a mixture of cacophony and beauty, dancing and stillness. | |

Jilk fuses a bewildering collage of home-found sounds with the ambient soundscapes of washy synths, insect-like clicks & cuts, and huge gorgeous waves of all encompassing experimental |