Geir Jennsen – Cho Oyu 8201m – Field Recordings From Tibet. Better known as Biosphere, Geir Jenssen is one of the most influential artists in his ambient field, and to many he was one of the first people to develop or introduce the idea of ambient music to a bigger audience. This CD we feature tonight however sees the musician moving away from composing music and into the realms of field recording as we experience his diary recordings of an adventure in Tibet. The enclosed booklet describes the journey; Jenssen ventured up Cho Oyu, the worlds sixth highest peak at 8201 metres, with a group of fellow travellers and documented it beautifully with his writing. Across twelve tracks Jenssen does his best to sum up the sights and sounds he was experiencing as he trekked through towns, villages and frozen landscapes. Hear random radio broadcasts, a street musician, wind chimes and traffic in the distance or a cassette tape bought from a nearby shop.

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