School summer holidays could mean you’re chilled already, or could use a little help. We’re here for you. We’ve got a soundtrack for your summer which includes these new tunes and loads more. If you would like to suggest anything we should be playing, you can email

Dust Collectors – Seasonal Sounds / Summer (album)

This laid back chillhop collection is a very cool soundtrack for a very hot day.


Snail’s House – Sunflower / 最後の夏が終わる前に

Inventive Japanese delightfulness. We’ve picked a couple of standout tracks to play from this summer-inspired album. In case you’re wondering, “最後の夏が終わる前に” translates as “Before the end of the last summer”, and we’d love to know how it looks on your radio! (UPDATE: our tech support reckons DAB in Europe can’t broadcast Japanese characters, so we won’t even try. You’ll see it as “Saigo no natsu ga owaru mae ni”)


Lights & Motion – A Flickering Start

When the heat becomes too much, transport yourself to a much cooler place with this…


Nikhil – Blind

Latest from Nikhil D’Souza, with an arrestingly emotional vocal.


Jochen Tiberius Koch – Solitude

We’re previewing the album “Walden” (out on July 27th) which has an epic, cinematic feel while still helping us chill.


Patrick Jonsson – Suddenly We Looked Like Giants

Also on the “can we go somewhere chilled for the holidays now?” theme, this is one to help you find some deep relaxation when you need it.


Our most played tracks this week

Below is the latest list of our featured tracks to look out for on Chill. We’ll have another update next week. Thanks for chilling with us! – Bern Leckie

Alucidnation – Paracosmic (album)
Bass Physics & Eliot Lipp – Best Of Luck
Ben Preston – Beatrix
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Numb
Birocratic – Shakedown
Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns – Koi Pond (album)
NEW Dust Collectors – Seasonal Sounds / Summer (album)
Freya Ridings – Ultraviolet
Fujitsu – Hills And Horizons
Ian Ewing – LuvnYou
Jens Buchert – In My Garden (Desert Move Mix)
JQ – Gold
NEW Jochen Tiberius Koch – Solitude
Kyan – Like Summer
NEW Lights & Motion – A Flickering Start
L’Indecis – Passage
Lunchmoney & Dontcry – Bak Pak
Meteologist – IMD II
Nick & Samantha – Summer Breeze / What Lies Below
NEW Nikhil – Blind
Olafur Arnalds – Saman
NEW Patrick Jonsson – Suddenly We Looked Like Giants
Peter And Kerry – Teardrops
Scott Quinn – Fallible Creatures
NEW Snail’s House – Sunflower / 最後の夏が終わる前に
SwuM – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt U
Toonorth – Summertime / Wherever U Go
Tunng – Crow

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