If you’re in the mood for some chilled pianos, cinematic soundscapes or sublime Scandinavian songs, you’ll love our latest autumn additions. If you’ve found anything else we should be playing, you can email music@helpmechill.com

Exit North – Bested Bones

Exit North is a group of Swedish composers and multi-instrumentalists who have poured years of work and buckets of soul into their debut album, ‘Book of Romance and Dust’. This is the first song we’re featuring from that album.


Lights & Motion – While We Dream

We added “We Are Infinite” from this collection of soundscapes last week, and as we couldn’t pick favourites from the rest, we’re playing the lot.


Christoffer Franzen of Lights & Motion – Forever Is About To Happen

We also couldn’t overlook this solo release from the group’s Gothenburg-based founder.


Akira Kosemura – Yearbook EP

Moving to Tokyo, we find this composer’s latest small collection of piano tunes beautifully chilled and uplifting.


Smeyeul – Distant Travels

This is a Chillhop release, the latest from a legendary US beatmaker.


Josh Alexander – Canter

This Bristol-based composer and musician fuses classical piano with synths, and this is the first song we are featuring from his debut album, “Hiraeth”, out today.


Kinobe – Elvissa

From the legendary British group who invited us to “Slip Into Something More Comfortable”, this track from their new “Golden Age” album helps us feel very comfortably chilled.


Our most played tracks this week

Below is the latest list of our featured tracks to look out for on Chill. We’ll have another update next week. Thanks for chilling with us! – Bern Leckie

2p Soldiers – Reason
Aeris Roves – Running Thru 3AM
NEW Akira Kosemura – Yearbook EP
Astrolemo – Haunting Me
Big Pineapple – Another Chance (Don Diablo Chill mix)
Billie Eilish – When The Party Is Over
Brona McVittie – Broken Like the Morning
Chris Coco – Event Horizon
NEW Christoffer Franzen – Forever Is About To Happen
Dodie feat. Tom Walker – Human
Ed Harcourt – Duet For Ghosts
Endemico – Low Colors
NEW Exit North – Bested Bones
Firas Tarhini – Ikigai (EP)
Havasi – Mystic
JQ – Gold
NEW Josh Alexander – Canter
NEW Kinobe – Elvissa
NEW Lights & Motion – While We Dream (album)
Maribou State – Kingdoms In Colour (album)
Night Sounds – Dreaming
Novo Amor – Sleepless
nymano x Pandrezz – Fireworks
Ólafur Arnalds – re:member (album)
Packed Rich – Ornithology EP
Pepo Galán – S a m o a (with Sita Ostheimer)
Robot Koch – Crystal Grid
NEW Smeyeul – Distant Travels
Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Korallenmeer
Troye Sivan – Revelation (from “Boy Erased”)
Zero 7 – Mono

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