Don’t wait for the holidays to chill. We can take you from the lounge to the coolest getaway destinations with our latest tunes this weekend. If you’ve found anything else we should be playing, you can email

Limes – Slices EP

Let’s start with cocktails and lounge bar jazz piano on Limes’ latest slice of retro smoothness. We’re playing lots of these tracks on Chill.


Delayde – Old Hours

Continuing in the chillhop style, this set of tunes gets us into to the small town of Saltash, the gateway to Cornwall and home of Delayde.


Lars Lentz – Candle

This warm and reflective soundscape is the latest from Michigan’s Lars Lentz.


Snorri Hallgrímsson – Orbit Reworked

Even this composer’s name is beautifully evocative of Icelandic chill, don’t you think? He is a master of scoring and a long time collaborator with Ólafur Arnalds, working together on the music for ITV’s Broadchurch, for example. We’re playing this collection of chilled reimaginations of some of his finest tunes.


Our most played tracks this week

Below is the latest list of our featured tracks to look out for on Chill. We’ll have another update next week. Thanks for chilling with us! – Bern Leckie

Aeris Roves – Comfortable
Akira Kosemura – Yearbook EP
Alberto Giurioli – Nightfall
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Gratitude
Bruno Sanfilippo – Pianette / Slipped Time
Chris Coco Sacha Puttnam – The Beauty Is In The Falling (EP)
Christoffer Franzen – Forever Is About To Happen
Chronotope Project – Lotus Rising
NEW Delayde – Old Hours
Dodie – If I’m Being Honest
Emmit Fenn – Yellow
Endless Melancholy – Fragments Of Scattered Whispers
Exit North – Bested Bones
Firas Tarhini – Ikigai (EP)
H.1 – Again
H.E.R. – Carried Away / Hard Place
KAWALA – Moonlight
Kinobe – Elvissa
NEW Lars Lentz – Candle
LeSage – Mire
Lights & Motion – While We Dream (album)
NEW Limes – Slices EP
Luke Sital-Singh – The Last Day
mommy x Philanthrope – Inaudible (album)
Monma, Misha & Jussi Halme – Brazil
Ólafur Arnalds – re:member (album)
Rini – After The Sun
RYD – I See U (Airport Version)
Sid Sriram – It Isn’t True
Skinshape – I Didn’t Know
NEW Snorri Hallgrimsson – Orbit Reworked
Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach – Embracing Love
Troye Sivan – Revelation (from “Boy Erased”)
Troye Sivan – Revelation (from “Boy Erased”)

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