Doing anything stressful this weekend? Whether you’re trying to stay cool, nervously watching the football or trying to find the last fizzy drink in town, all of our new tunes are literally stress tested (while Bern put up furniture in sweltering heat, FYI), so we know they can help you chill. If you would like to suggest anything we should be playing, you can email

Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns – Too Young For Secrets

Feel the exotic chilled lounge vibes with this track, the first from the album Koi Pond, out on July 11th.


Toonorth – Car Tunes Vol. 1

Enjoy the sunshine, American style, with this collection of soulfully sampled chill. We’re playing “Summertime” and “Wherever U Go” most, across the day.


Jens Buchert – Electronic Sundance

German-engineered ambience and beats from a veteran producer we love. We’re playing “In My Garden” the most.


Scott Quinn – Fallible Creatures

A beautiful song about humanity, fragility and imperfections, woven into a memorable anthem.


Ian Ewing – LuvnYou


Fujitsu – Hills And Horizons


Lunchmoney & Dontcry – Bak Pak


Our most played tracks this week

Below is the latest list of our featured tracks to look out for on Chill. We’ll have another update next week. Thanks for chilling with us! – Bern Leckie

Alucidnation – Paracosmic (album)
Bass Physics & Eliot Lipp – Best Of Luck
Ben Bada Boom – Gaia
Ben Preston – Beatrix
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – I Am With You
Birocratic – Shakedown
NEW Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns – Too Young For Secrets
Flitz&Suppe – Things That I See
Florito – Morning Breeze
Freya Ridings – Ultraviolet
NEW Fujitsu – Hills And Horizons
GlobulDub – Seaside
Guggenz – Sunny Side Up
NEW Ian Ewing – LuvnYou
NEW Jens Buchert – In My Garden (Desert Move Mix)
JQ – Gold
j’san x Cloudchord – First Wonder
Kyan – Like Summer
L’Indecis – Passage
NEW Lunchmoney & Dontcry – Bak Pak
Meteologist – IMD II
Nick & Samantha – Summer Breeze / What Lies Below
Pechblende – Tear Away
Ruinarte – So Lovely
NEW Scott Quinn – Fallible Creatures
The Flashbulb – Golden Trees
NEW Toonorth – Summertime / Wherever U Go
Tunng – Crow

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