We’ve got another bumper crop of new tunes from this weekend to help you chill!

Florito – Springtime Chill

Could this be any more seasonally appropriate? And somehow, it feels like us. See what you did there, Florito – loving your work!


George FitzGerald and Bonobo – Outgrown

From George’s newly release second album “All That Must Be”, we are featuring this collaboration with Bonobo.


Dan Winefield – Me And My Journey

This is a journey into lo-fi nu jazz, via downtempo and all kinds of chill. We’ll be playing the funky electric piano fest “Le Petit Noir” the most across the day, along with “City Lights”, “Nuance” and more.


Josh Lasden & Synoptic – 10 Years El Futuro Recordings Chill Out Album

These futuristic chilled tunes are perfect for dreaming of what could be while blissed out in an acrylic ball chair. We’ll be playing the newest tune “180” the most along with others from the compilation.


Liminal Drifter – The Night Train Vacancies

Beautifully chilled vibes from Australia. We’ll be playing the Erik Nilsson remix of “Troubled Mystic” and the Night Train remix of “Lullaby”, along with the original version of “Soothed By Summer” from Liminal Drifter’s first album.


Pablo Nouvelle – Ave and other tracks

Sometimes we’re nudged to discover someone amazing we’ve simply overlooked in the past, and one of our listeners pointed us this way. Pablo Nouvelle has an impressive back catalogue of laidback and upbeat chill, and we’ll be playing “Ave”, “We Ain’t Dead Yet” and “All I Need” from Pablo’s 2016 album while we await new material on the way.


boerd – Blind

Freshly chilled from Sweden, this is the first track from boerd’s new mini-LP, “Static”, out on April 6th.


Cafe Del Mar Piano Works – Chapter II

Another from our catch up pile, we featured Poppy Ackroyd from this album last year, and now we’ve had another listen, we’re adding lots of the other tracks too.


Cafe Mambo Ibiza – Dusk Till Dawn

And to complete this week’s rummage through stuff we should have added ages ago, this beautiful album from 2016 features Melodica’s Chris Coco and lots more of our favourite artists. We’ll be playing “Truth Is A Lie”, “Mitjorn”, “Millieu”, “You Can Do It” and more.


Our most played tracks this week

Below is the latest list of our featured tracks to look out for on Chill. We’ll have another update next week. Thanks for chilling with us! – Bern Leckie

NEW Alex Tronic – Feels Like Falling (Balearic Vibe Mix)
Alley – The Tide
Astron – In The Clouds
NEW boerd – Blind
Bruno Sanfilippo – Lux
NEW Dan Winefield – Le Petit Noir
Esgazette – The Timing of Every Sunrise and Sunset
NEW Florito – Springtime Chill
NEW George FitzGerald and Bonobo – Outgrown
Goldmund – Circle
Jens Buchert – Sundreams (Chillcode Mix)
NEW Josh Lasden & Synoptic – 180
L’Indecis – Blind
Lights & Motion – Glaciers
NEW Liminal Drifter – Troubled Mystic (Erik Nilsson remix)
Nils Frahm – My Friend The Forest
NEW Pablo Nouvelle – Ave
Ruck P – Destination
Submotion Orchestra – Kites / Prism
Thomas Lemmer – Meeresleuchten / Sandwirbelduene
Tim Linghaus – Me In Your Rear-View Mirror (Boys Don’t Cry)
VO/D – Ache
Wild Child – Follow Me
Youth & Nick Walker – Lotus Rhubarb (Colliding Sky Whale Dub)

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